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Buy and Sell Trading Cards and Collectibles on StockX

Today is the day!

StockX has been rumored to be adding new verticals for quite some time, and today was the official announcement of being able to buy and sell Trading Cards as well as Collectibles on StockX's platform.

For me, this is not a huge deal as I will most likely not be buying or selling any of those products any time soon, however I can appreciate the addition.

I am more excited just for the introduction of them, as it means that more verticals are on the way.

Trading Cards and Collectibles faced some of the same problems that plagued the markets for Sneakers and Streetwear. Authenticity, price, and availability. With StockX, it is now easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for in these two new verticals.

I'm looking forward to see what StockX adds next!

Purchase Trading Cards on StockX here.

Purchase Collectibles on StockX here.

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