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GOAT adds Apparel and Accessories to their Product Offerings

The day has finally come for the popular sneaker marketplace, GOAT, to add Apparel and Accessories to their product lines.

This was a day that I have been eagerly anticipating and GOAT has now rolled out hundreds of new products on their platform.

GOAT is now keeping up with its competition, StockX, which has had Streetwear listed as a product line for over a year. The industry for rare sneakers and clothing is at an all time high and GOAT's move to incorporate more products was only a matter of time.

GOAT's apparel section is currently live on the latest version of their app, but has yet to go live on their desktop site. I imagine we should see those products rolling out soon to the desktop site. For a limited time, GOAT is offering Free Shipping on apparel products over $100 purchased on their app, so if you are looking to pick something up, now might be the time.

If you are looking to Sell apparel and accessory items on GOAT, you can join the waitlist in the app as GOAT has indicated that only a limited amount of sellers are currently eligible to sell these products.

I'm really excited to see where GOAT takes these new introductions, but will be here to see it play out.

Check out GOAT here.

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