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The Spongebob Kyrie 5 is the Best Sneaker for the Holidays in 2019

Spongebob Squarepants and Kyrie Irving have collaborated on a total of 6 sneakers that have released over the past few months.

All 6 sneakers have had Kyrie fans, Spongebob fans, and sneakerheads alike in a frenzy to purchase the shoes.

My favorite pair of the 6 is the “Pineapple House” Kyrie 5 shown above. I believe this is the best sneaker of the 6 and is the perfect sneaker for the Holidays in 2019. I expect the prices of these and the remaining 5 sneakers to increase and become increasingly harder to find as people begin to purchase them for gifts this Holiday season.

Check out my Review of the “Pineapple House” Spongebob Kyrie 5 below, as well as the other sneakers from the pack too. If you are looking to purchase this shoe either for yourself or a friend, use my link to pick them up on StockX.

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