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The Supreme Oreo Cookies Collaboration Sold Out in 10 Seconds

Yes, you read the title right. Supreme, a popular clothing brand from New York City, and Oreo, the famous cookie we all know and love, created a collaborative pack of cookies that sold out in less than 10 seconds this morning.

First, let’s back track to get a better idea of this situation before I explain any more of the events from this morning. Supreme is an iconic clothing brand born out of New York City skateboard culture in 1994. The brand has generated a cult following of fans who will do almost anything to purchase new products from their brick and mortar locations and online shop.

To explain Supreme’s audience a little better, we should take a look at some of Supreme’s past releases to get a clear picture.

Every Thursday at 11am EST Supreme releases new products that appear very similar to many other clothing brands. They will release sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, and hats, however they are also known for some of their items that are very unlike other clothing brands. In 2016, Supreme released a Clay Brick.

Yes, this clay brick is exactly what you are thinking. A regular brick, with Supreme’s logo stamped into it. Then, in 2017, Supreme released an adjustable Blade Clipper.

The last example I’ll show is the Supreme Mini Bike, also from 2017.

The reason for showing all of these seemingly random products is to illustrate the point that also applies for the Oreo Cookies that sold out this morning. All of these products, regardless of how strange or useless they may seem, sold out in seconds on Supreme’s website and instantly fetched prices on the secondary market of double, triple, or ten times its original retail price.

The Oreo release from this morning was shaping up to be very similar to all of these products mentioned above, along with countless others from Supreme over the years. However, the Oreo Cookies seemed to bear more hope as they were significantly lower cost and seemed like a product that would have a large amount of stock behind it. This was unfortunately not the case for Supreme fans this morning, as the Cookies still sold out in less than 10 seconds.

Popular Supreme enthusiast website, Supreme Community, prides itself in being the one stop shop for all Supreme related product information. This site has incorporated technology to track how long products are live on Supreme’s website, and confirmed that this morning the Oreo Cookies sold out in just 8.4 seconds.

You may also note that the Cookies were not even the first item to sell out this morning. This only supports the claim of Supreme’s cult fans and poses the question of how users of their site could even check out a product on in just 5 seconds? That is great question, but a topic for another article that dives deeper into the online sneaker/apparel bot community. For now, check out my article on how one popular sneaker bot sells for over $6000 on the secondary market. (Yes, you read that right too).

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