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"Travis Scott" Air Jordan 6 Release Recap

The "Travis Scott" Air Jordan 6 released in very limited quantities on Friday October 11th worldwide.

The resale value of this shoe has almost instantly quadrupled its retail price and is now one of the most expensive Nike x Travis Scott collaborative sneakers.

There isn't a ton to recap other than the fact that raffles occurred, Travis dropped half a size run on his website, and the Nike SNKRS app didn't crash for once.

By all of this, I mean that there were essentially 3 main types of releases that occurred for this drop.

1) Raffles - Almost every store that received pairs of the Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 raffled off the opportunity to purchase their allocated stock because the demand heavily outweighed the supply of these sneakers. (Hence the $1k+ resale prices...)

2) Travis Scott's Online Store - Travis hinted at releasing pairs of this shoe from his online store, but what he didn't tell everyone was that he only had pairs for those were sizes 10.5+. (Yes, he only released mens sizes 10.5 - 14) This was extremely disappointing and left tons of fans very disappointed.

3) Nike SNKRS app - This was the best shot that anyone was going to have to pick up these shoes. Nike has done a lot to fight the bots used to give resellers an edge, and for this release, everyone pretty much had a fair chance. Nike released the shoes via a 15 minute raffle, where the app ran very smooth. This was unlike other popular releases, where the app has crashed for minutes, or even hours... Either way, great job to Nike on this one.

Now that the release is over, where does that leave us?

Well, if you have around $1,000 you can pick up these shoes right now on popular marketplaces like the ones listed below:

Other than that, we simply wait for the next drop and hope for the best.

Were you able to pick up a pair of the "Travis Scott" Air Jordan 6? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram.

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